Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Is This Stock Oracle that Earn Million of Dollars?

He is none other than this Stock Oracle:-
Name: Takashi Kotegawa
Favorite Food: Instant Noodle
Favorite Activity: Checking Stocks on the 5 Screens Monitor
Girlfriend: Not available-Never been kissed
Current Money: USD 153 Million
Most Expensive Item bought recently: Nintendo WII
Favorite Past Time: Staying in his small condo checking stocks

"On October 9, TV Tokyo broadcasted a special program that consisted of information about US subprime mortgage woes, worldwide market turmoil in this summer and gold market price.

This man(29-years-old) is most famous Japanese individual stock day trader named Takashi Kotegawa, his nickname is “BNF”. He has increased his own fund from 1.6 million yen($13,600) to 18 billion yen($153 million) for 8 year or so (I have ever introduced his information to FF members in May).

Anterior half: His trade room which he bought a condominium in cash that’s worth 400 million yen. On August 17, when he saw big fall of Tokyo market, he decided to become wait-and-see stance. He said that his decision was the worst in this year and he deeply regrets that he failed to earn 500 million yen at that time.

Last half: After FOMC’s interest rate cut, he sold all his stock holdings(financial sector stocks etc…) and he earned 400 million yen by the close of morning trading. He said to the announcer, “I don’t know Japanese stock market’s future. I don’t look at market from a long-term perspective. "

here's what Tasty sees In Mr. Kotegawa

dude has virtually no stuff or than a kick@$$ downtown condo

dude seems to have no gf or family, possibly (?) has rl friends

dude only eats ramen

dude seems to have OCD level intensity

Dude seems to have like a very flat (and thus realtively emotionless) persona

Dude seems to care little about money

Dude seems to have no aspirations to go anywhere

Dude doesn't really strike as competitive

The guy is the like the Terminator of Trading.

American TV really needs Picture in Picture of random audience people during Tv Interviews .

 None of these things in isolation is necessarily a bad thing and many are actually virtues,  but what is the point of all this for him? I don't know. Self Acheivement?

 all of which just begs the question "If you could be successful at daytrading would you really want to if this is what it takes"?

I guess I'm saying you'd have to consider whether that lifestyle would make you happy not just whether you'd actually money at it.

This isn't something new, actually, the link to this article is about a year old. But I just came across this and I'm pretty sure lots of people haven't actually heard of this guy before. Meet Takashi Kotegawa, a famed Day-trader in Japan who grew his own mediocre savings from 1.6 million Yen (US$13,000) to 18 Billion Yen (US$153 milion) within a span of 8 years. How old is this guy? Just 30 this year (2009). How the hell did he do it? Just by trading stocks via the Japanese Stock Exchange. Amazing isn't it? The funny part is this guy was deemed by his society as a total Hikikomori (recluse) wash out during his late teens - he was classified as a society menace that was Not currently engaged in Education, Employment or Training (NEET).

I suppose he had a very good reason for locking himself up in his room and that was because he couldn't leave his computer for one minute, otherwise, he'd make huge investment blunders. According to his interview with TV Tokyo, the guy doesn't even withdraw much cash to carry around because he fears that seeing how much he has would negatively influence his better investment judgements. But he did pay 400 million Yen (aprox. US$4.2 mllion) in cash for his exclusive condominium. Oh, and he added that he has two Wiis. He also says he doesn't eat much except for cup ramens, especially in the afternoons since eating too much would make him sleepy.

Interesting eh? Sure makes you feel like being a Day-trader too. However, there is a big BUT. Although this guy has had no formal financial education and he makes shot term trading look easy, the risks are high. I wouldn't encourage anyone to take up his example unless you really lock yourself in a room and stare at your screens all day. It should also be noted that investing takes a lot of research and this guy probably does his digging for any insider information before investing on a particular security counter. That's how he makes the big bucks. Whatever it is, he definitely is a good example of being able to do something if you firmly put your mind to it.

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