Monday, March 5, 2012

Dead Cat Bounce? Vocus Inc ("VOCS")

First of all what is called a Dead Cat Bounce? According to Wikipedia Website, the definition is as per below:
In economics, a dead cat bounce is a small, brief recovery in the price of a declining stock. Derived from the idea that "even a dead cat will bounce if it falls from a great height", the phrase, which originated on Wall Street, is also popularly used to any case where a subject experiences a brief resurgence during or following a severe decline.

Today in this post, I will discuss whether Vocus Inc or stock quote "Vocs" will rebound after an incredible dropped of more than 40% in 1 trading days.
First of all, we need to know whether the 40% dropped in Vocs share price is justifiable. Based on my analysis, it is not. The drop of more than 40% is due to Vocs acquisition of I Connect at a high price of $160 million. Although, the acquisition price is high, I believe in the long run, it will help Vocs to become one of the world largest PR company and it will bring the stock price to the sky in the coming future.
Based on the long term analysis, Vocs is currently at the crucial support of $13.50 level. Even the financial crisis in 2009 did not bring the share price of Vocs below the current level of $13.50. Therefore, I believe that it will be strongly supported and will not be breached in the coming future. Another reason will be that the dropped of 40% is accompanied by superb high volume of nearly 5 million shares traded. It makes up around 25% of the total paid up capital which is at 20 million. The reason I am bringing this up is to show that the majority shareholder who wanted to sell the shares would have sold already.

Based on the short term chart, the past 2 days trading shown a doji / small shooting star candlestick at the bottow which is a sign of a bullish reversal pattern. Those who have shorted the Vocs in the past 3 trading days accompanied by hiuge volume will have to buy back the share in the market today to cover back its short position. The 4 technical as indicated above also shown that Vocs is currently in a very oversold position. I am expecting this stock to rebound at least 10% in the coming near future.
Based on the latest quarter EPS, Vocs is beating the analyst estimation again. However, on the next coming few quarters, Vocs earning might reduce substantially due to the consolidation of the losses in I Connect post acquisition.

Disclosure: I am currently long in Vocs with 5,000 shares, I am expecting Vocs to rally more than 10% when the earlier short seller cover its short position today.
However, as usual I will not hestitate to cut my long position if Vocs did not rally today as per my expectation.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Frontier Communications is Now In the Danger Zone!

I am down by 1% in Frontier Communications ("FTR"). Although it is only 1%, however, it may signal a beginning of a short term downward trend that can cause me lose more than 10%. As per the heading, I am currently in a danger zone for FTR.

However, I am still holding on to FTR because:
1) Based on the past few candlestick pattern, it is showing multiple candlestick doji with leg which is a sign of indecision and consolidation pattern for a trend. The stock have a high chances of going up futher because the current trend is up and it is now in the consolidation phase. However, if the trend is down, and the multiple doji appeared, then it may signal the consolidation for a downtrend.

2) Although yesterday, the volume is slightly higher, overall for the past few days, the average volume is low which is good. It means that the selling is no longer strong and is subsiding.

3) The MACD is still showing a bullish pattern currently. I believe that once the consolidation is over, it will move higher and the current positive MACD sign will continue to go upward.

However, if things turn sour for FTR, I will not be hestitated to sell immediately. The 1 or 2 days candlestick patterns will decide whether I will continue to hold or cut my losses.

Disclosure: I am currently invested all my hard earned saving in FTR and is expecting a 20% profit at least. however, I am currently lost about 1% and if it continues to move downward in the next few days, I will definetely cut my loss.

The Market Oracle prediction is FTR will continue to move upward strongly after this overdue consolidation.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Show Hand on FTR for at Least 20% gain!

Yes thats right, I am currently all in again in FRT. In Poker's Term - Show hand means you bet with everything that you have. This is what I am doing again with FRT after a good profit showing my hand with MGM and ALU. As you can see above, I am fully invested with a stock holding of 15,500.
As you can see on todays candlestick trading for FTR, it is going up nice and steady. I particularly like this kind of set up compare to sudden upward rocket movement. A slow and steady upward will have leg and can last longer compare to those sudden upward rocket movement. After downing a glass of tasty red wine, being optimistic, I am predicting that $4.70 today, if not tomorrow (currently FTR is trading at $4.68).

As you can see from my brief analysis on FTR chart, you can clearly see the downward swing trading for FTR. The recent trend movement by FTR is different this time, as it is accompany by superb high volume. If there is a superb high volume, it can means that all the seller who wanted to sell the share have sold and are fully absorb by all the buyers. In other words, there are no more people is selling or shorting FTR. Therefore, the only way for FTR currently is only up.

Based on the few short term analysis (about 1 or 2 weeks from now), I am expecting FTR to hit at least the $5.4 level for the first resistance and to the $6 level in the coming 1 or 2 months.

Disclosure: As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am currently show hand again with FTR and I am expecting at least a 20% gain for this trade. I am currently up by 1.3% and I am expecting that at the end of today closing, I will be up by more than 1.5% and subsequently 20% at the end of next month. I am in a big superb long position for this stock.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Emergency Discovery - Frontier Communications (FTR)

Yes, it is an emergency broadcast at The Market Oracle. We have discover an alien invasion in the stock market- just kidding! We have discover a stock that is worth buying. It is none other than the title for this post which is Frontier Communications (FTR).
Based on the short term chart, FTR is currently in the fourth day after a strong upward move with high volume. Normally, if an uptrend is not strong, FTR would have tumble on the fourth day as most of the long players are rushing to cover their position. Even though, the long players have covered the position by selling on FTR, FTR continues at that level and instead go up slightly. It is a very important and major move for FTR.
 FTR has currently broken the downward trading range and it is definetely a positive signal. Although the downward trading range is not as visible and as apparent, I think it should be clearer in the coming days as FTR continues it upward move.
This is one very similar good example for FTR. Similar to FTR, MU manages to absorb all the long players who are covering their position on the fourth day, as a result, MU continues its upward climb to more than 30% to the current level.

Disclosure: I am currently 100% in cash and fully loaded. I am expecting to shoot all my bullets in either FTR or GTI. However, based on the analysis of the 2 very potential stocks, I think I am more likely to go all in for FTR as I can see clearer bullish trend for FTR as compared to GTI. GTI is a bit blur for me at the moment, as GTI can still go down a littler futher before it recover for at least a 10% gain.

100% Profit Guaranteed Stock to Buy - Graftech International ("GTI")

Is there anything such as profit guaranteed and risk free stock to buy? Yes, in The Market Oracle, there is such thing. Of course it is not the above Volkswagon GTI silly! It is none other than Graftech International ("GTI"). The stock code was easy remembered by me as a fan of Volkswagon GTI. I was surfing the Charting Software for a stock to buy next week after I have sold off my position in ALU for around 14% profit. GTI came into my radar after I sold a huge sold of a 2 days ago.

Anyway, anyhow, here goes my analysis for this potential stock - GTI.
Based on the long term chart, GTI is currently in the range trading of $12 to $18 for being conservative. Alternatively, this stock may hit the upward trading range of $24 if everything is on our side. The strong support is currently at the $12.
The best time to buy for this stock is on next Wednesday which is on the fourth day since the beginning of the thunderous drop for this stock. The reason why is the short seller who borrowed heavily to short this stock may have to cover their position on the third day after which is on next Tuesday.

The reason I am recommending to buy on the 4th day because it is risk free. As on the fourth day, this stock is more stable after the strong sell off, however, if the fourth day continues to go down heavily, then you should hold your purchase as the new round of short selling activity may arised.

As for the target for GTI, I am expecting at least a 18% gain from the current price of around $12.80 to the target price of $15.20 level. Based on the window gap above, the hell window for this stock has been opened and it is only right that it must be closed back. In order to close this window of hell, GTI must reach the $15 at least. The reason why I believe that this window of hell will be closed back sooner or later is due to the fact that GTI is a strong growth fundamental stock. (kindly refer to the quarterly earning below for the explaination)

As for me, I am risk tolerance, therefore I may initiate my purchase immediately on the coming Monday for a higher profit buy higher risk.
 Based on the quarterly earning growth, honestly, GTI is not performing as expected. It does not show a good growth in its quarterly earning but it does beat the analyst estimates on the past 11 quarters earning. On the current reported quarterly earning on Feb 21, 2012, it does beat the estimates by 1 cent. Although it is not substantial, but it does show something. As a result after the earning releases, GTI was beaten to hell by the stock operators and speculators. Is GTI turbo well deserve to be beaten like that. No, I dont think so.
Based on the yearly earning, GTI is expecting to report a yearly earniing of $1.09 on 2012. As the world economy continues to improve, I would expect the coming earning to be strong influenced as well. I am predicting more or less, GTI products will be demanded as GTI supply many of its product to many different industry. (Due to the time constraint, I did not analyze into details on the business plan and growth for GTI, however, I am expecting that it will out perform in the coming quarters).

Disclosure: After 2 straight wins for MGM (19%) and ALU (14%), I must be more careful on my 3rd bet. I am currently fully loaded in cash and I may initiate a long position on GTI in the coming Mondays. When I buy GTI in coming Mondays, as usual, it will be an all in for GTI. I am also expecting at least a 10% gain for GTI based on my estimated entry price at $12.90 on the coming Monday.

Good luck and God Bless - if there is any.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

With Great Technical Skills Comes Great Profit - ("ALU") $10,000

I remember in the Spiderman Movie, his father told Spiderman "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", this is the reason why I use the title "With Great Technical Skills Comes Great Profit". This saying is definetely truth for me and it is proven.

In my previous post, I have advised all my readers to buy at the third day of consolidation - for a risk free profit. Please refer to my last post on reason why I am all in and positive on this stock.
As for me, I am a risk taker, again as per my previous trade, I have dump all my money and put all my egg is this Alcatel Lucent ("ALU") basket. There is no easy money out there, huge profit comes with huge risk. Everything have its up and down. What goes up will come down and vice versa. I believe it is time for ALU to rally and double m capital.

Based on the short term chart, 2 important indicators point to a overbought position, Stochastic and Bollinger Band, and 1 indicators, MACD, points to a strong upward move position for ALU. Eventhough 2 of my favorite technical indicators are pointing that ALU might head lower in the future, but it is of no big deal for me as I am in ALU for a long term and looking at doubling my capital with ALU.
I believe ALU will move higher in the future as all the high volume during the past six days have been fully absorbed and consolidated.

Based on the long term chart, the long term resistance is at $4.00. I believe with the recent earning growth and business turnaround strategy that is working prefectly, ALU is poses to break record profit and analyst estimates in the coming quarter. This is definetely a stock worth buying for me, especially for those who wants to double their capital or saving within the next few years time.

Disclosure: I am currently all in for ALU. I have put all my eggs in Alcatel Lucent Basket. I have put all my investment and my hard earned money into ALU. I am currently up by $10,000 about 16% gain in less than 7 days. In the coming future, I am expecting my profit to double. However, if I sense something wrong, I will not hestitate to sell my stock immediately or if I see a sudden extreme surge in ALU stock, I will sell into strength. However, all my action and my trade will be posted only here exclusively at

Friday, February 10, 2012

Is It Time to Buy Alcatel-Lucent ("ALU") Now!

Updated Today:

 I have discover a very interesting theory a minute ago. I think it will help in our trading decision on ALU, that is why I must share with you all immediately. On Feb 10, 2011, when ALU announced a strong earning of $0.19 beating analyst estimate at $0.16, ALU rally more than 20% as per the chart below: -
After ALU rally more than 20% on the day of the announcement on the superb earning, ALU gap higher by 20% (as per the black arrow above). What happen after that? ALU continue to climb more than a whopping 45%. Thereafter, ALU share started to drop after the slowdown in earning growth announcement on May 2011 onward.

The important thing that I would like to highlight is that eventhough ALU have rally more than 13% on the recent good annoucement, I believe ALU rally might not stop here. I believe there is still another at least 30% rally for ALU.

Alcatel-Lucent Business Model

I have been looking at Alcatel-Lucent ("ALU") for a very long time since it was plunging furiously from the high of around $6.00 in 2011 April. ALU seems like dropping all the way towards bankruptcy. But is it justifiable for this once good stock to be punished like that. The answer is no. ALU is not going into bankruptcy for the near future. Instead the recent quarterly earning has shown a very good result with good growth in its quarterly earning.

So the important question is "Is It a Good Time to Jump Into ALU now, after yesterday rally of more than 13% to $2.19". The answer is a big yes with 99% chances it will be hitting the level of $2.8 for least a 20% gain in the coming future. However, there is still a 1% chances that ALU will not perform as expected. So how do we determine the 1% chance. The answer for the 1% will be revealed in the next 3 days time.

The reason why we will know the answer in the next 3 trading days because tonight closing at $2.19 up $0.25 cents for a 13% gained with a huge volume will have to be fully absorbed by the market. All those long contra player will have to cover their long position before the next upward move will be materialize. In other words, those who jump in on credit today will have to pay up for their stock in 3 days time, if they don't have the money to pay up for their stock, then they will have to sell on the 3rd day. You will see the result at the end of the third day after lunch hour or late afternoon.

Based on the long term chart, the first and important resistance is at $2.80. If ALU manages to convincingly penetrate this level, then the next level to target is at $3.90 level. I believe the $3.90 level will be penetrated in the long run, but you must be patience and to hold this stock for a long period of at least 1 year and above.

Based on the quarterly result from Google Finance, ALU has indeed improve tremendously in its revenue and also operating income. I believe overall the business turn around plan for ALU is definetely working and we could see more improvement of ALU revenue and operating income for the coming future. This stock is definetely a buy based on the fundamental analysis, I would not buy a stock if it goes up by 15% or more without any fundamental justification. Even though, before I initiate any trade, I will look and rely on technical analysis, I would also look at the quarterly earning growth as I believe it is important as well.

Disclosure: Currently I do not hold any stock in ALU, however, I might initate a buy on this stock after the next 3 days and provieded that ALU stays above the the $2.10. However, if ALU failed to hold up at least the $2.00 level, then I will not initiate a buy on this stock.

For more accurate and real time disclosure in the future, kindly visit my blog regularly because I will immediately post my online statement which I have initiated a buy position for ALU in the coming post.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I have recently came across an article in a magazine which I find it very interesting and holds true based on the life that I am going through.
The summary of the article by David Koh, the Founder and Principal for Malaysian Institute of Geomancy Sciences. In this article, it mentions that One's destiny in life is determined by what I call the '4Rs'. It simply means that success is about being in the right place with the right people and saying the right thing at the right time. Everything happens for a reason".

In other words, if you are still not making it in life, it means that you are not in :-
1) right place
2) meeting the right people
3) do the right thing
4) at the right time

So is there anything you could do about your life? The answer is no, everything is fated. If Mark Zuckerberg did not meet the Winklevoss twins during his years in Harvard, then there won't be Facebook today. It was the Winklevoss twins that have given him the idea of Facebook.

I believe things happen for a reason and is fated. You are not the destiny to be somebody, then there is no point forcing it, cause no matter how hard you try, you won't be making it, unless you have the luck of the "4Rs". Do you ever experience in your life, no matter how hard you try, you are still not achieving it? However, your average Joe Next Door, is just slumbering throughout his life, but is making it big time as compared to you. That is because he always have the "4Rs" with him.

So what is the message that I would like to share in this post? What will happen, will happen, what's yours will be yours. It is all in your destiny when you were born. No need to stress out, no need to force it, just take things easy and appreciate and enjoy life. After all, life is short.

Sold Mpel At $11.71 for A Profit of $3,000

Yesterday I have sold Melco Crown Entertainment ("Mpel") for a profit of only $3,000. Initially, I was up by $5,000 but now my realized profit was halved to $3,000. It is a good decision that I have sold it off? This is a question that came on and off in my head after I have sold it. Do I regretted it? Maybe, but there are solid reason for my action. My reasons are:-
1) I cannot afford to lose in any one trade, in other words, I must win 100%.(due to my personal commitment)
2) I was wrong in predicting that Mpel has broke the important resistance at $12.00, in fact the important resistance was not broke, Mpel merely flirted with it for a brief interval.
3) The China Stock Exchange under "SSE" continues to tumble downward with due to news on China Economy slowing down. With today tumbling more than 1.68%. (Please refer to the chart of SSE at the bottom of this post)
4) DJIA has met the important and all time resistance of 12,800 which is at current level. (Please refer to the chart of DJIA at the bottom of this post)

Yesterday closing at $11.66 which lost around 3.44% has prompted me take take immediate action to sell Mpel. I have no choice because Mpel did not move as per my earlier prediction. I have predicted that Mpel will continue to move up ahead after crushing the important resistance at the $12 level. The 1 down long red candlestick is also a very bearish sign. It indicates that Mpel will continue to face more resistance in the coming future. I also believe that the coming earning announcement in Feb 9 which is three days from today, will not be good. If it is good, then Mpel stock will have move up these few days as insider trading will have move the stock upward. If you tell me there is no insider trading in the market, you probably do not understand the wicked world of stock market, my best advise is for you to watch the movie Wall Street "Money Never Sleeps". Insider trading is rampant, I believe Mpel will not be an exception to it.

Now, lets bring Wynn into the picture on why I have sold Mpel.

Firstly, if you would have look at the recent quarterly earning of Wynn, even though, it has crushed analyst prediction by a whopping 20% more, the stock is only up by around 2%, and then go downhill all the way afterward.

By right, if Wynn is beating the analyst estimates with a whopping 20%, Wynn stock should be moving up all the way. However, instead of going up, it is going down. There is definitely something fishy going on here. I believe that the fund manager, stock operators, and block traders know something that we don't know. It may be due to the slowing casino revenue growth in Macau which have yet to be reported. Anyway, it makes me think that what if Mpel reported growth in earning in the coming quarters, but Mpel is going nowhere, just like Wynn. Or to make matter worst, Mpel may report earning below analysts estimates, and it will send the stock down tumbling more than 10%. Either up or down on Mpel quarterly earning, it looks like Mpel stock is not going anywhere but down as per the example from Wynn.

Based on the simple long term chart of DJIA, DJIA has meet the important resistance at the current level. To break this resistance might be a miracle as I believe this long multi years resistance is a tough job to break.

To wrap things up here, I have sold Mpel for a profit of $3,000 and I wont be regretted by my action even Mpel will continue to move upward after today. In the past, I have always make mistake and lost lots of money due to my greediness of always wanted to make more money. However, sometimes, it is not worth the risk, in this case, for my Mpel trade, it is definitely not worth the risk to hold Mpel for the coming short term, as the overall market is very volatile now, a bad news from Europe of Asia can sent the world stock markets down and the whole world back into recession.

I have sold all the stock that I have invested in Mpel. I am currently 100% in cash position. I may initiate purchase in Mpel stock once it move down to the strong support at $8.50 level.

Last but not least, I would like to thank the our regular visitors, Dale and for their kind suggestion and advised on my Mpel trade.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Melco Crown Entertainment to Continue its Second Upward Wave

As of today, I have earned around $5,000 from my trade in Melco Crown Entertainment ("Mpel") stock. So what should I do now after earning $5,000? Should I realized my gain and then head to Amazon website and pick up few more Invicta Diver and Speedway watches? One of my regular visitor to this blog - Dale, have asked why I sold my MGM stock and bought Mpel, wouldn't it be more profitable if I would have stayed with my MGM investment? One question after another, looks like there are never ending questions with no one accurate answer to them. In my today's post I will answer all the hard questions above.

So far I am dead right predicting on the every move on Mpel based on my previous few posts on Mpel. Am I a god or a genius, I am none of both. I am just a regularly trader who is trying to make some money in my Mpel trade. I am a regular guy just like you, my loyal blog reader. You too can earn the easy money and predict the movement of Mpel as accurate as me and even beat me.

I have visited Macau in 2009, when I visited at that time, the City of Dream by Mpel is still in the opening stage. There are not many people there at that time. Now, I believe things have took a turned in City of Dream, the last time I have checked the news on City of Dream, people are flocking there like nobody business, it is now pact with people. What a nicely taken picture above. With its business 100% focus in the strong Macau growth, I believe Mpel is indeed the future.
 Based on the short term chart, Mpel has already broke the important resistance of $12. Both my favorite important indicators are showing a fresh upward signal for Mpel. Initially, both indicators have started to point downward movement for Mpel, however, in the latest few days closing, both the technical indicators have changed and now it points to a fresh upward move for Mpel. Please refer to my highlighted red circle as per the above chart. Also, the huge volume on the 2 volume indicators have been absorbed without any problem.

Based on the long term chart, I am predicting that Mpel will 3 upward wave to the year long resistance of $16. After the 3 waves, then we will decided what is next as I will be analyzing the chart at that future point in time. We are currently in the beginning of the 2nd upward trend which will take Mpel to the $14 level and then consolidate slightly and being the next wave which will take Mpel to the $16 level.

However, all these can change if the next quarterly on the Feb 9, 2012. On Feb 9, 2012, I believe this stock will have either tumble or jump forward after the earning release. For those who have insider information, I believe earning at least 10% is not a problem. I do not have insider information on Mpel, what I have is my skill to correctly predict Mpel daily stock movement.

Another important news that concerned me a lot is that on Jan 31, 2012, some analyst reported that Mpel has lose market share of around 2% in January. I do not know whether the news is true or not, and I do not know to what extend this news will impact the stock price on the quarterly earning release on Feb 9, 2012. However, I believe that Mpel will not have a high impact because the Mpel eventually recover back around 7% after this unfortunate news.

Well as for my reader Dale, the reason I have shifted all my investment from MGM into Mpel is because of the following:
1) MGM is a very risky stock with high debt position, any negative news on its debt position will easily make MGM to tumble 10% or more.
2) Even though MGM business is turning around with high revenue growth reported quarter over quarter, MGM is currently still making losses until based on analyst estimates it is does not make profit even until 2013.
3) I have relied on my technical analysis skill, however, I still do not ignore my fundamental analysis as I believe, fundamental analysis such as the financial statements of the stock will impact the long term movement of the price. It will definitely affect the long term trend of the stocks.

Even though I am deeply saddened by my move from MGM to Mpel, as of current I have earned less around 3-4% or around $3,000-$4,000 more from my shift, however, I have not regretted my move as I believe, in the coming future, Mpel can easily overtake MGM in price. Also, by selling MGM, I have managed to scoop up more stock in Mpel as at the point in time, MGM stock price is more higher than Mpel price.

The important date that I am now curiously waiting for is Feb 9, 2012, as it will be a very date where it will move the stock price up as predicted in this posting.
However, if I am wrong, I believe, that Mpel in the long run is still a viable and good stock to be heavily invested into.

Disclosure: Currently I am all invested Mpel stock, I have invested every single penny that I have in Mpel. Therefore, currently I do not longer hold any cash position and I intend to go through this month expenses through my credit card.  I am also expecting that all the prediction in this post about Mpel stock price will come true.


Melco Crown Entertainment Announces Earnings Release Date

NEW YORK, Feb 1, 2012 (GlobeNewswire via COMTEX) -- Melco Crown Entertainment Limited (sehk:6883) /quotes/zigman/104187/quotes/nls/mpel MPEL -0.37% , a developer and owner of casino gaming and entertainment resort facilities focused on the Macau market, today announces that it will file its fourth quarter and full year results for 2011 on Form 6-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on February 9, 2012, to be followed by a conference call on the same day at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Time (or 9:30 p.m. Hong Kong Time). 

Melco Crown Leads Casino Stock Declines: Hong Kong Mover

January 31, 2012, 7:20 PM EST
By Vinicy Chan
Jan. 31 (Bloomberg) -- Melco Crown Entertainment Ltd., the casino venture between Lawrence Ho and Australian billionaire James Packer, dropped the most in seven weeks, leading gambling stock declines in Hong Kong trading.
Melco Crown slid as much as 5.6 percent to HK$28.10, the biggest intraday drop since Dec. 9, before trading at HK$28.20 as of the 12 p.m. local time trading break. Rivals Wynn Macau Ltd., a unit of Las-Vegas based Wynn Resorts Ltd., sank 4.8 percent to HK$19.7, and SJM Holdings Ltd. declined 3.3 percent to HK$13.32.
“Melco Crown is losing market share to competitors; its market share in January is expected to drop by up to 2 percentage points on a monthly basis which may explain why it is leading the decline,” said Victor Yip, a Hong Kong-based analyst at UOB Kay Hian Ltd. Lawrence Ho is the son of Macau casino billionaire Stanley Ho.
Total gaming revenue for all Macau casino operators in January may be less robust than earlier estimates of as much as 28 billion patacas ($3.5 billion), Yip said. Melco Crown’s market share may drop to 12 percent in January from 14 percent in December, he said.
“Through our various channel checks, the revenue is expected to reach roughly 24 billion patacas,” Yip said.
Sands China Ltd., a unit of Las Vegas Sands Corp., said on Jan. 30 that visitors to its Macau casinos rose by 5 percent to 6 percent to more than 1 million during the Lunar New Year that took place between Jan. 23 and Jan. 29.
Sands China shares dipped 2.8 percent to HK$26.1. The stock has jumped 19 percent this year, outperforming the 10 percent gain in the Hong Kong benchmark Hang Seng Index.
Galaxy Entertainment Group, the company controlled by Hong Kong tycoon Lui Che-Woo, dropped 1.5 percent to HK$16.80.
--Editors: Stephanie Wong, Robert Fenner
--Editors: Stephanie Wong, Robert Fenner

Source (from Bloomberg website)


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Free Invicta Watches

Yes, it is indeed free watches for me. I have rewarded myself with these free wacthes after my profit of more than $10,000 trading ini MGM shares. (Please refer here for more details:
I have bought myself these 4 watches at Amazon website and have just reeived it yesterday. It is indeed very good quality watches for a very good price.

I owned 1 Rolex, 3 Tag Heuer, 1 Tissot, and few other branded and non branded watches. However, I like the Invicta Watches very much as it is of good quality and it have good japanese movement inside it. The watch widow glass is also made of Invicta version of scratch resistant crystal called Flame Fusion. So far I am very delighted on the 4 watches eventhough I have not wear it yet, I have already inspected the four watches in detail and I find it all flawless at this point in time. Four of the watches that I have bought also resemble the Rolex model. From far, I couldnt notice whether it is Rolex or Invicta, cause it almost look exactly the same, except that the logo is different. I particularly like the stainless steel watches, as I tend to sweat easily.

Another picture taken from the side. I am not so satisfied with the pictures taken as it is not as bright as I expected.

Watch Information
Brand Name: Invicta
Model number: 1771
Part Number: 1771
Item Shape: round
Dial window material type: flame-fusion
Display Type: analog
Clasp: fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Metal stamp: 316L
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 44.00
Case Thickness: 12.00
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: mens-standard
Band width: 22 millimeters
Band Color: silver
Dial color: blue
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: unidirectional
Special Features: chronograph, luminous, stop-watch
Movement: japanese-quartz
Water resistant depth: 200 Meters

Watch Information
Brand Name: Invicta
Model number: INVICTA-3045
Part Number: 3045
Model Year: 2011
Item Shape: round
Dial window material type: Mineral
Display Type: analog
Clasp: fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 52 millimeters
Case Thickness: 17 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: mens
Band width: 22 millimeters
Band Color: Silver
Dial color: blue
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: unidirectional
Calendar: Date
Special Features: luminous
Movement: automatic-self-wind
Water resistant depth: 1000 Feet

Watch Information
Brand Name: Invicta
Model number: INVICTA-8926
Part Number: 8926
Model Year: 2011
Item Shape: round
Dial window material type: Mineral
Display Type: analog
Clasp: fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 38 millimeters
Case Thickness: 12 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: mens
Band width: 20 millimeters
Band Color: silver
Dial color: black
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: unidirectional
Calendar: Date
Special Features: water-resistant
item-weight: 16 Ounces
Movement: japanese-automatic
Water resistant depth: 660 Feet

Watch Information
Brand Name: Invicta
Model number: INVICTA-9223
Part Number: 9223
Model Year: 2011
Item Shape: round
Dial window material type: Mineral
Display Type: analog
Clasp: fold-over-clasp-with-safety
Case material: stainless-steel
Case diameter: 43 millimeters
Case Thickness: 11 millimeters
Band material: stainless-steel
Band length: mens
Band width: 20 millimeters
Band Color: silver
Dial color: black
Bezel material: stainless-steel
Bezel Function: Tachometer
Calendar: Date
Special Features: luminous
item-weight: 16 Ounces
Movement: japanese-quartz
Water resistant depth: 660 Feet

Once I realized another more than $10,000 profit trading in Melco Crown Entertainment  ("Mpel") stock, I am thinking to buy another 8 Invicta Watches.

Please check out my Mpel daily analysis on my next post.

Disclosure: This is my first four Invicta Watches that I have bought, I intend to buy more when I have cash out my profit in Melco Crown Entertainment stock trade.
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