Thursday, December 2, 2010

Analysis for 100% Gain Stock Part 2

I have bought this stock CSCO at the price of $19.67, although the current price is $19.22, do I feel scare or regret? Not at all, instead I feel great and I believe that at least 10% gain for this stock is unavoidable.

The reason:
1) The MACD histogram shown that the blue line is very close to touch the red line and is almost crossing over with a nice curving up.
2) As for the Stochastic it the blue line and the red line have already met for some time and the blue line is waiting eagerly at the side to cross over.

I believe the time is ripe for CSCO to gain back at least 10% or more to cover the gap. All technical indicators is pointing to a buy.

I do not ask you all to buy, however, please check back to prove that I am correct and also that I will make at least 10% can in 7 days.
10% = $10,000
Stay tune.

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