Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ford Motor will Tumble to the 1st Support at $14.40

Based on the Chart above, Ford Motor will consolidate to the $14.40 level. The recent decreased in volume indicates that the current small uptrend is losing its steam. The MACD and Stochastic also indicate a bearish signal.

Even though the MACD shows that the blue line is curving upwards to cross the line, but it is still not confirmed that it will eventually cross over.

The stochastic shows a slight positive upward sign, but it is not convincing enough for this stock to go higher.

The current dissapointing earning is also a catalyst for this stock to move lower at least another 10% to the 1st support of $14.40.
The concensus estimate for the 17 analyst covering this company is $0.48. The actual earning is only $0.30 which is a 38% lower.
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  1. Ford motor is just a terrific turn around story. The company took not a penny from uncle sam unlike general motors. Ford motor coud very well be one of the greatest turnaround stories of all time.


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