Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Something Brewing Inside Cirrus Logic?

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I am really happy on my Cirrus Logic Trade. I have invested more than US 100,000 in Cirrus Logic and I am now up by more than 18% in just 5 days. I am still currently holding very tightly to Cirrus Logic as I believe this uptrend is not over yet until it reach at least $30 or more, or approximately more than 50% gain.

I am now looking at the Cirrus Logic live stock ticker and it is showing around 6% gain. I am thinking now what is going on with Cirrus Logic or is something brewing inside Cirrus Logic. By looking at the chart, I believe something is indeed brewing in Cirrus Logic. Cirrus Logic have recently jump more than 16% 4 days ago and now it is gaining another 6%.

If you are the CEO of Cirrus Logic, then you will probably know the answer. Sadly, there is only 1 CEO in Cirrus Logic and it is definitely not me or you. Therefore, we do not have the 100% accurate answer. However, I have followed this stock for quite sometimes now and I think something is definitely going on inside.

Below are the few explanations that I believe are the catalyst for this strong upward surge in Cirrus Logic.

1) Acquisition by Apple. I believe Cirrus Logic has a very high chances that it will be acquired by Apple. The answer is easy, most of the Apple Product have Cirrus Logic chip in it and Cirrus Logic are able to meet the demand and requirement from Apple as compared to the rest.

2) Cirrus Logic may have won the contract to supply I Phone 5 or I pad 2 Chips.

3) Cirrus Logic have recently report strong quarterly earning that beat analyst estimates and many fund manager believe that it will continue to beat analyst estimates in the near future.

4) The CEO of Cirrus Logic has promised more superb growth for Cirrus Logic in the near future.

5) Some fund managers is now stocking up on Cirrus Logic Stocks.

6) Because I at the The Market Oracle predicted that Cirrus Logic is going to hit $40 and above.

Whatever the reasons are, the only thing that I truly care now is for Cirrus Logic to continue to go up and hit my 1st target of $30 and thereafter, continue to my 2nd target of $40.

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  1. Yeah, so how did that work out for you? It barely broke $25, did you bail before it hit $20, or ride it all the way down to $16?

    Just curious, I've lost plenty of money on CRUS in the past, but gave it up around 2004.


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