Thursday, January 19, 2012

Electronic Art Will Double in the Near Future

The Above Title is an attention grabber. The real content and analysis from me for EA is as per below:

Electronic Art (EA) is a company that does no need any introduction for the gamers out there. Chances are your favorite games that you play on your Playstation and X Box consoles are produced by Electronic Art.

As for myself I am hook into EA Sports Fifa Soccer.

I have recently come across an article from Localized USA. It announces on the EA target price by various famous Investment Analysts. The summary of the analysts target price for EA are as per below:

Brean Murray                    Buy                     $22.00   Jan 19, 2012
Deutsche Bank                  Sell                     $14.00   Jan 13, 2012
Sterne Agee                       Buy                    $27.00   Dec 27, 2012
Piper Jaffray                      Overweight        $31.00   Dec 27, 2012

The target price ranges from a whopping high of $ 31.00 to a crazily low of $ 14.00. All the stock analysts above is from a high income earner, with a good background coming from big investment company in the US.

As for me, I am going to set my target price as well for EA. However, I am just a nobody blogger from a not famous country working with a local unknown company. Let’s see whether my target price for EA will be better than those 4 investment analysts up there.

Based on the long term chart, EA is a perfect stock for Swing Trader out there. The price for EA frequented the support of $14 to the $23 range for quite a number of time. If you bought at $14 and ride all the way up to $23, you would have make around 64% gain.
The current important technical indicators such as MACD and Stochastic coupled with Bollinger Band are pointing to a further for EA. EA is also showing a double top pattern which is extremely bearish. To complete the double top EA will need to drop all the way to the important support of $15. Therefore, as for the long term chart analysis, I am giving a target price of EA at $15 for the near future.

As for the short term chart, I am also giving a target price of $15 as EA will need to close back the window ($15-$17) that it has left open since  Feb 2011. EA also currently experiencing a strong downward move as every downward move are coupled with strong volume. It means that sellers remain very strong at the moment. Therefore, I am strongly expecting EA to visit the $15 level in the very near future.

 As for the fundamental analysis on the earning of EA, based on the quarterly earning, EA is experiencing a phenomena growth in earning compare with the previous year. It the projected quarterly earning estimates are accurate as per the above, EA is definitely a safe haven stock to invest if the price is right.

I will invest in EA if the price is right; the right price for me based on my technical and fundamental analysis is at $15 level. I am very convinced that EA will eventually hit the $15 level for the next couple of weeks if not month.

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