Thursday, January 26, 2012

What Now for Cisco?

 I have traded Cisco stock for several times now. I have made some money and lost some on this stock. For those who are invested in this stock, I hope that my brief analysis in this post will be able to help you in your decision making on whether to buy more or take profit for this stock.

Cisco has been moving upward aggresively since Aug 2011 at around $14 to the current level of $20. It is a whopping 40% gain. To me it is a huge gain and profit taking, long covering and consolidation for this stock look inevitable.
Based on the long term chart, Cisco has broken the downward range trading and is now going into a smooth uptrend move. I believe this uptrend move might be a long term one, however, a meaningful consolidation for this stock is a must for this stock to continue its uptrend strongly.
Based on the short term chart, it appears that Cisco is moving into a consolidation move with the short term target at $17.20. I believe the $17.20 is a strong support level for Cisco and one should plan an entry at this level if you are interested to go into this stock.
My target for Cisco at $17.20 is well supported by 2 important technical indicators which is the MACD and Stochastic, both are currently showing an overbought position for Cisco and both indicators are showing the blue line is moving downward to consolidate.

Based on the earning analysis for Cisco, it looks great in both quarterly and yearly growth. With the EPS of $1.77 for 2012, Csco is currently trading at slight above the PE ratio of 10. It is a very good PE ratio for a stable and a slow but strong revenue growth company.

Even though the earning growth for Cisco is a slow one, but it is a good fundamental company to invest in for a long run especially with the hugh cash in hand.

I have no positions in Cisco and do not intend to trade Cisco in the coming future as I am currently show hand in Melco Crown (MPEL).

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