Thursday, September 30, 2010

DryShips Inc To Resume Upward Trend

Based on my analysis, tehcnical and fundamental, DryShips incorporated will continue its uptrend after today final day of consolidation. On Sept 28, 2010, Drys shoot up with a heavy volume of more than 27 million due to the press release that Drys have secured a charter contract for 1 of its Drillship. This news is very important for Drys because analysts have predicted that they are unable to secure any contract and have to sell the 4 drillships which are currently being constructed at a loss.
I expect today Drys will close between $4.75 and $4.80 and will resume its upward trend specifically on this Friday morning or Monday morning.
For those who have not buy Drys, I suggest you buy today as Drys will definetely jump to at least $5.50 in a couple of days time.
I have invested all my money inside and will wait to at least $10 or more before I start selling. With the oil price keeps going up, it reinforce my view that Drys willl be a very good stock for the long term investors.

Cheers! and Good Luck to the all Shareholders of DRYS. May we success together.

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