Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Will Take On Warren Buffett

While looking at the CNBC website today on Warren Buffett, I am very impress with Warren Buffet performance of manage to hit an average percentage increased of 27.5% on his capital for the past 23 years starting from year 1977-2010. So why do I take on head to head with Warren Buffett? Do I have him? Do I jealous of him?

Warren Buffet is the father of all stock guru. I have always look up at him like a father to me. He is the only idol that I have. He is the real Oracle of the Financial Market and not me. I am just a small little Nemo fish that is swimming on the great ocean.

I would like to take on Warren Buffett because I would like to challenge myself to the limit. As Warren Buffett is managing Billions of dollar in fund and I am only managing around 100K it is only fair if I can beat him with at least 100% gain of what he has achieved. In other words, if he makes 20% gain, I will need to make at least 40% gain or more in order for me to beat him fair and square.

I am actually aiming for more than 100% gain or more for the year 2011. I know it is a ridiculous figure for some and even myself, however, I think it is possible and I have done that before in the past. 

There is a meaningful quote that I would like to share "Aim for the sky, even if u miss u will land amung the stars". 

Below is the article that I read this morning at CNBC website:-

Buffett Stomps S&P in 2010
Published: Friday, 31 Dec 2010 | 4:47 PM ET Text Size By: Alex Crippen

Shares of Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway (Class A) have finished the year with a gain of 21.4 percent for 2010, far outperforming the benchmark S&P's 12.8 percent gain, excluding dividends.

(We're using Class A to stay consistent with past years, despite the Class B split.  The B shares are up 21.9 percent this year.)

The win reverses Buffett's defeat in 2009, when the S&P's 23.5 percent advance clobbered Berkshire's 2.7 percent gain.

Berkshire has beaten the S&P in four of the past five years, and six of the past ten years.

Current Berkshire stock prices:
Class B: [BRK.B  80.11    0.71  (+0.89%)   ]
Class A: [BRK.A  120450.0    1350.00  (+1.13%)   ]
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