Friday, January 28, 2011

Will Cirrus Logic Continue to go up after 18% Increased Yesterday?

The answer is a big Yes! Cirrus Logic will continue to go up to at least $40 in the coming future. This is the stock that we can hold for a very long term as long as Apple continues to introduce new innovation products.

Cirrus Logic has broken the great resistance of $20.54 on 23 July, 2010. On 24 July, 2010 Cirrus Logic has tried to break the resistance but fail badly.

Not only Cirrus Logic broke the great resistance of $20.54, Cirrus broke it with a bang! The percentage increased was a whopping 18% and with a very high volume. It is a very good and strong signal for Cirrus Logic to perform in the coming month.

I believe Cirrus Logic will consolidate for these few days with no more than 5% downward move. After 2-3 days, it will continue to shoot higher to at least $25 in the coming few months and to $40 in 1 year time.

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