Saturday, February 18, 2012

With Great Technical Skills Comes Great Profit - ("ALU") $10,000

I remember in the Spiderman Movie, his father told Spiderman "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility", this is the reason why I use the title "With Great Technical Skills Comes Great Profit". This saying is definetely truth for me and it is proven.

In my previous post, I have advised all my readers to buy at the third day of consolidation - for a risk free profit. Please refer to my last post on reason why I am all in and positive on this stock.
As for me, I am a risk taker, again as per my previous trade, I have dump all my money and put all my egg is this Alcatel Lucent ("ALU") basket. There is no easy money out there, huge profit comes with huge risk. Everything have its up and down. What goes up will come down and vice versa. I believe it is time for ALU to rally and double m capital.

Based on the short term chart, 2 important indicators point to a overbought position, Stochastic and Bollinger Band, and 1 indicators, MACD, points to a strong upward move position for ALU. Eventhough 2 of my favorite technical indicators are pointing that ALU might head lower in the future, but it is of no big deal for me as I am in ALU for a long term and looking at doubling my capital with ALU.
I believe ALU will move higher in the future as all the high volume during the past six days have been fully absorbed and consolidated.

Based on the long term chart, the long term resistance is at $4.00. I believe with the recent earning growth and business turnaround strategy that is working prefectly, ALU is poses to break record profit and analyst estimates in the coming quarter. This is definetely a stock worth buying for me, especially for those who wants to double their capital or saving within the next few years time.

Disclosure: I am currently all in for ALU. I have put all my eggs in Alcatel Lucent Basket. I have put all my investment and my hard earned money into ALU. I am currently up by $10,000 about 16% gain in less than 7 days. In the coming future, I am expecting my profit to double. However, if I sense something wrong, I will not hestitate to sell my stock immediately or if I see a sudden extreme surge in ALU stock, I will sell into strength. However, all my action and my trade will be posted only here exclusively at


  1. You have balls Market Oracle. You also show good sense in your willingness to cut loose before this goes back to the low levels I think it will.

    Wish Seeking Alpha had more authors like you.

  2. Frankly, what is more important than the aggregate gain, is the percentage return on the trade, along with an APR...

  3. Thanks truth 101, it has been a great pleasure to meet you. actually i submitted my post and writing for approval in seeking alpha and was rejected. they said that i am not a truth author. i dont know what they are thinking in their little brain. most of the writers in truth alpha is either cheater or faggot. in here the market oracle, there is nothing but the truth.

  4. Hi Market Oracle, It's amazing how you traded this. Congrats on your winnings! I wasn't lucky enough to let this go at the $2.60+ levels though, and am
    now stuck with a position at $2.31. What do you think of this stock now given the recent drop?

  5. hi anonymous, I am out of ALU at the price of $2.48 if I am not mistaken, I believe the short term rally for ALU is over, and not it is coming down, however, if you are a long term investor, i suggest you continue to hold this stock as I believe ALU will head to $3 eventually.

    all the best

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