Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Show Hand on FTR for at Least 20% gain!

Yes thats right, I am currently all in again in FRT. In Poker's Term - Show hand means you bet with everything that you have. This is what I am doing again with FRT after a good profit showing my hand with MGM and ALU. As you can see above, I am fully invested with a stock holding of 15,500.
As you can see on todays candlestick trading for FTR, it is going up nice and steady. I particularly like this kind of set up compare to sudden upward rocket movement. A slow and steady upward will have leg and can last longer compare to those sudden upward rocket movement. After downing a glass of tasty red wine, being optimistic, I am predicting that $4.70 today, if not tomorrow (currently FTR is trading at $4.68).

As you can see from my brief analysis on FTR chart, you can clearly see the downward swing trading for FTR. The recent trend movement by FTR is different this time, as it is accompany by superb high volume. If there is a superb high volume, it can means that all the seller who wanted to sell the share have sold and are fully absorb by all the buyers. In other words, there are no more people is selling or shorting FTR. Therefore, the only way for FTR currently is only up.

Based on the few short term analysis (about 1 or 2 weeks from now), I am expecting FTR to hit at least the $5.4 level for the first resistance and to the $6 level in the coming 1 or 2 months.

Disclosure: As I have mentioned in the beginning of this post, I am currently show hand again with FTR and I am expecting at least a 20% gain for this trade. I am currently up by 1.3% and I am expecting that at the end of today closing, I will be up by more than 1.5% and subsequently 20% at the end of next month. I am in a big superb long position for this stock.


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  2. Wow, sounds like you are going all in on FTR. I am British but follow the American markets closely. Unless I am mistaken, isn't FTR one of those extremely high dividend telcos, or maybe its another one?

  3. Yes, Farmland FTR is on of the extreme dividend payer, I am out of FTR already since 2 days back. I lost around 2.5% for this trade, but if I have not sold off my position, today I will lost around 6% or more!
    thanks god

  4. I would never try to catch the bottom on a stock.


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